La Terrazza di via Alloro – an apartment in Palermo

  • Courtyard with plants
  • Courtyard and stairs
  • Stairs with natural sunlight comming through
  • Stairs in courtyard seen from above
  • Beautiful terrace with table, chairs and outdoor kitchen
  • Dining table and sofa/extra bed
  • Livingroom seen from above
  • Kitchen and dining table
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • Living room from above
  • Dining table and door to terrace
  • Ceramic details
  • Large table
  • Terrace and outdoor kitchen
  • Detailed picture of a dinner with wine
  • Outdoor dinner table from above
  • Night sky
  • Sofa turned into bed
  • Bathroom and shower
  • Bedroom and balcony door
  • Badroom and double sized bed
  • View out balcony door
  • View from balcony of old buildings
  • Second living room
  • Second kitchen
  • Second bedroom
  • Second bathroom


The residence, the third floor of Palazzo San Gabriele, a large newly built baroque building from the sixties, is located in the middle of the old Arab district of La Kalsa. The apartment, which can be used as separating apartments, faces Vicolo Cefalá, a narrow and quiet street, while only a short walk to the city center streets.

The apartments have a common main entrance, and from a communal entrance each apartment has its front door. The apartments are on 60 and 30 sqm. There is good soundproofing between the two apartments. Each of them can be rented separately or the entire home can be rented as a unit.

Both apartments are fully renovated in 2014 and are of a high standard. They have both high ceilings, handmade oak kitchen with all appliances, full oak floors, air conditioning in every room and comfortable bathroom with washing machine.

Apartment No. 1 (60 sqm) Large bedroom with double bed and balcony, spacious living / kitchen (with double sofa bed) with access to 20 sqm terrace with dining area.

Apartment No. 2 (30 sqm): Bedroom / living room / kitchen with double bed, dining table, balcony.

Floor plan of the apartment can be found here.


Palazzo San Gabriele has an address Via Alloro107, in the middle of the city La Kalsa. La Kalsa is one of the four old quarters in the historical center and lies down to the sea, between Via Vittorio Emanuele and the botanical garden. La Kalsa's history dates back to the 900s, and in the old, narrow streets, one can still feel that this has been one of the first Arab districts in Europe. In each of the quarters, large palaces were built from the 15th to the 17th century, and during the last ten to fifteen years, many of these buildings have now been restored. Via Alloro is the main street in the district, and down the street Palazzo Abatellis, the regional museum of ancient art. In Via Butera no 18 you will find Palazzo Butera, down towards Foro Italico, Palermo's newest art museum. A little up in Via Alloro is located Galleria d'arte moderna Sant'Anna, the regional museum of modern art. These are two of the most important museums in Sicily. Close by until Piazza Marina, with its traditional market on Sundays, lies Palazzo Mirto, a completely furnished old mansion and Palazzo Steri.


Alf Howlid, who owns the apartment, is a civil architect. He knows Palermo and Sicily through many stays for over twenty years.